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Professional production of various kinds of plastic chair, dining chair, dining table, home office chair, office desk, bookshelf and etc.

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Advantage About Plastic Chair

PP Chair

  • High-quality Plastic: High-quality environmentally friendly thickened plastic
  • Natural Radian: Natural radian, hollow seat design, breathable and easy to take care of
  • Smooth Corners: All-round display, every angle is controlled in detail, the corners are smooth and rounded, there are no burrs or stubborn parts
  • Strong Bearing Capacity: After undergoing load-bearing and pressure tests, the overall weight can easily bear 200KG, and the supporting force is strong
  • Smooth Corners: The arc corner design, after repeated polishing, the texture is smooth, which effectively protects children from bumps and scratches
  • Large Seat Surface: The large seat surface is comfortable to sit on, easy to clean, not tired after sitting for a long time, and enjoyable
  • Heavy Metal: The link between the legs of the stool and the sitting surface is thickened to make the load-bearing capacity stronger
  • Virgin PP: Virgin PP plastic, scratch resistant, durable

Working With Us Can Benefit You From

Full Custom Service

Meet your needs with options like materials, size, colors, patterns at affordable rates.

Factory Price

Cost-effective furniture products in bulk can be processed under one roof within your budget.

Free Sample

In-stock furniture products ready for shipping can help you confirm or modify product quality.

Hassle-Free Warranty

We ensure all floor sheets with 1 year warranty, covering parts and whole product replacement.

Premium Product Quality

Guarantee that furniture piece tested for defects can last long under diffrent weather conditions.

Unique Furniture Design

Offer you original designs while giving the resolution of your design issues at no costs.


Order Process

You receive professional consultation on your design, with professional advice backed byclients’ furniture. Doova is committed to finding a solution that fits your goals and budget while ensuring the finished furniture meets your specifications.

Design Submission

The design team carefully studies your concept. Experienced members of our design team offer suggestions about the appropriate upholstery materials, stitch patterns, fabric materials, and other details that fit well with the initial sketch.

Quick Sampling

Doova will create a FREE sample of your furniture or fabric based on the finalized design and send it to you. The sample can help you decide on any changes before proceeding to the last step.

Mass Production

After receiving the down payment, we proceed to manufacture your customized chairs & tables through our automatic production line.

Packaging and Delivery

Your finished orders are properly packed into your custom packaging and shipped to you through trusted logistic companies.

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